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8 DIY Ornaments // Brit + Co

Oooh look at the Terrarium one! These are all so precious! Make some!

So I was just casually looking around on the IKEA website and found this set of 3 adorable GRÄDDIG wall buttons (which can be found here). I’M IN LOVE! However, I am not in love with the price ($19.99 for 3 wall decorations is outrageous to someone who likes shopping at thrift stores and doing DIY projects for decor).

I feel like I could probably make these on my own! 

What I’d need: 

All of that equals $8-9 (plus tax). Which is much better than $19.99, AND I would have eyelets left over if I wanted to make more colors and designs. :)

All I’d need to do is:

  1. Print stencils for any designs I wanted and spraypaint the designs on (and let them dry).
  2. Drill the button holes and insert the eyelets (there’s instructions on how to insert them without a tool here), and run the yarn or shoelaces through the holes.
  3. Tie the yarn off in a way that I could use it as a hanger for the back (that way I wouldn’t need to try to drill anything into the back).
  4. If hanging it from the yarn doesn’t work, hot-gluing picture hangers (I already own a hot glue gun and tons of picture hangers) would be the way to go.

Also, I’d like to add that drilling through plastic may not work (some plastics crack if you try to drill through them) so trying the ceramic plates the dollar store sells might be a good idea as well (the ceramic ones would likely look better anyways). 

ALSO, certain thrift stores sell various plates (different colors, shapes, sizes, designs, etc) for less than $1 a piece. So money could be saved on the plates and the spray paint. :)


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